About QSF

Our History & Our Mission

About Questa School Foundation

Questa School Foundation (QSF) was founded in 2012 and works very hard throughout the year to provide for Questa Elementary’s teachers and students. Fundraisers and donations from parents provide our school with school supplies, field trips, classroom equipment, activities, educational enrichment and much more.

The QSF Board is comprised of Questa Elementary parent volunteers whose sole goal is to provide as much enrichment as possible for Questa students and teachers. They keep a close eye on what is needed to do their best to provide for all students and teachers.

Questa Elementary School is located at 685 North Montebello Street in Mountain House, CA.

This Year’s Board Members:

President: Michael Montag
email: president@mhqsf.org

Vice President: Mandy Courneya
email: vicepresident@mhqsf.org

Treasurer: Lucki Grewal
email: treasurer@mhqsf.org

Secretary: Claudia Feuer
email: secretary@mhqsf.org

Marketing: Danae Dillman
email: marketing@mhqsf.org

Volunteer Coordinator: Tristen Jones
email: volunteer@mhqsf.org

Parliamentarian: Tara Hladun
email: parliamentarian@mhqsf.org

Teacher Representative: Megan Kiernan, Kindergarten
email: mkiernan@sjcoe.net